Capital Resources

Done Deal

The idea for a new business venture takes shape. The market studies are on file. The role players are on board. The game plan to bring it all together is in place. Partnering with you to make it all real and finally open your doors for business is a group within Greater Lafayette Commerce that is dedicated to generating the capital resources you need. Actually recognized in the Lafayette–West Lafayette economic landscape as the Capital Resources Council, this group can provide development and financing support in a number of ways.

Land development grants

In cooperation with Greater Lafayette’s economic and downtown development officials, GLC’s capital resources can access grant money to scout, evaluate, remediate and conduct any necessary hazardous material cleanup of area brownfield properties—preparing them for commercial development. Locate a site right now.

Government loans

Through the United States Small Business Association’s (SBA) 504 loan program, GLC’s capital resources can flex the financial muscle of a big-idea entrepreneur trying to break onto the commercial scene with a startup or small enterprise project.

Technical assistance

For business planning, business expansions and local real estate development projects—such as this new urban housing strip downtown—GLC’s capital resources can provide professional technical assistance.

Direct loans for gap financing

GLC’s capital resources has developed a loan pool in cooperation with several local banks, giving the organization the ability to qualify and underwrite its own smaller, direct loans. When a prospective business comes up short on financing through other resources, this can give it the final push it needs to close the deal.

This Way Downtown

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